The End.

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This is the end of my blog. I haven’t posted in a long time, I have been really busy. anyways its the end of the year and we were asked to make a post of saying good bye. I have had a fun time on my blog and I would like to that you all for reading, even if you didn’t read and just scrolled through… I know how you are. back to the point, I want to make one last post of saying good bye I hope you enjoyed my blog, good bye and thanks again. ~ Brooke

Where I Live

Hi Readers,

My favorite thing is traveling I love going to new places and seeing the hot sandy beaches or the cold mountain tops but my favorite place in the world is the Comox Valley it has sandy beaches, cold mountain tops, big parks, great weather, and more I love where I live.


The Comox Valley  is located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. My favorite place in the Valley is Mt Washington,

P3090012If you have read some of my other posts like the all about me, or my skiing post then you should know how much I love skiing. I also really like Beino Gelato its a really cute gelato shop in downtown Comox. you can never get board in Comox there is so much to do. I also really like going to the skating rank,swimming pool, bike trails and more there is so much to do.

There are three towns in the Comox Valley theirs Cumberland, Courtney, and Comox. In Cumberland there are some really awesome bike trails and cool little shops, in Courtney there are lots of shops and fun things to do, in Comox there are lots of beaches and harbors that are really fun to go paddle boarding in.

Mt Washington is located just outside of Courtney there is not only skiing and snowboarding but cross country skiing, tubing, snow shoeing, and in the summer time biking and hiking. In the winter we don’t get much snow but on the hill we get lots we hold one of the top snow fall records in Canada, in the summer its really hot so most of the beaches and pools are packed. In the summer we also have lots of music festivals and fairs including the Filberg Festival, Nadical Days, Music Fest, and more.

Overall I think the Comox Valley is a really fun but also quite place to live there are lots of fun stuff and nice and calm stuff to do in the Valley, I am so lucky to live in a great place like Comox. I hope you enjoyed reading.~ Brooke

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Hey Readers!,

Today I am going to talk about one of my favorite sport of all time(besides skiing), Surfing, Surfing is a sport that you can do for fun and for competition(like skiing). you can do it summer or winter depending on the waves because EVERYTHING depends on the waves. But if you are paddle boarding witch I think Counts as surfing, I guess?… Anyways but if you are paddle boarding you don’t need wave! Paddle boarding is where you are standing up on a slightly larger surf board witch you can still use to surf! If you don’t know how to paddle board you paddle… on a board… so if you are thinking that their is only one size paddle board no there is lots of different ones! it all depends on you. Anyways lets get back to surfing. you cant surf in the middle of the ocean with some waves cause how are you going to stop? that’s why you surf near a beach. if you are at a beach with lots of waves then the further out you go the more/bigger the waves! but don’t hurt yourself, they are very dangerous but also very fun!



Surfer DudeCreative Commons License Marc Dalmulder via Compfight

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~ Brooke L

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Hi readers!,
Today I am going to talk about Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown has Been around for 50 years! And is still making movies for instance the new peanuts movie, but I am talking about the Charlie Brown and his thoughts on Christmas…

Charlie Brown dose not understand Christmas and thinks their is a problem with Christmas!
Charlie Brown is depressed about Christmas because it has become all commercialized. Charlie Brown is searching for the true meaning of Christmas but in the end Linus tells Charlie and everyone else the true meaning of Christmas.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you soon! Comment down below whats your favourite  character bye! ~Brooke 🙂

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Count Out Three

Hey Readers!

I am writing my post about Nicole’s Blog  for the student blogging challenge, she has a nice blog the post I’m writing about is week 1~ Goodbye. First I’m not sure if this post is written about her blog or if its not real the blog post is about her not having any visitors so that is why I chose her so be sure to go to see her blog, cause how would you feel is you have no visits on your blog. Pretty sad wright its not like you need them because a lot of  us write for fun. I do like her other posts like the one on tornadoes that ones really good I think after you read my post you should go read her blog. Back to the post….. she talked about  a lot of the nature posts and food posts and how good there blogs look. here are the 7  steps to a great blog ( not saying that mine is that great)

1. Have a interesting tittle

2. Try to write well thought out posts

3. Change your background

4. Add widgets

5. Comment on lots of peoples blogs (not visit my blog 100 times) a well though out comment

6. Comment for fun

7. Have peoples blogs at the side of your blog in your widgets that will make them feel good about there blog.

Thank you for reading see you soon bye ~ Brooke 🙂

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If you have read my all about me page ( and if you haven’t you should go check that out ) you would already know that skiing is my favorite  sport! I do downhill ski racing and it is so much fun. If you don’t know what ski racing is there is 2 kinds of racing.

1. Slalom this is the most common type if there was in slalom you have special skis that are made for tight turns the gates are drilled in close together and it looks like this.

Pekka Isomursu via Compfight

2. GS also know as giant slalom. There are also special skis for this kind of course the gates are wider than in slalom and instead of only one gate there is two put together with a gate holder.

La porte de la "cassure"
Alain Bachellier via Compfight

Thank you so much for reading! Please comment below if I missed anything ~ Brooke 🙂

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The Soldier in the Mud

I see the man,

cold, sad, miserable

but hopeful to see his family once more.

I see his family waiting for a good letter

not a bad one.

I see the trees that have fallen in the back.

Where is he from?    

Where are his friends?

I see the sadness of the soldiers who have passed.

I see families waiting to see their loved ones.

What are your questions about the ones you can’t see?

What do you see?


A Field of Mud The mud at Passchendaele slowed all movement to a crawl, and left advancing troops exposed to enemy fire for longer periods of time during attacks. George Metcalf Archival Collection CWM 19930013-512


Thank you for reading I hope to see what you think of my writing Bye 🙂


Hello readers!
If you have read the title of this post you should know that this post is about sushi! My all time favorite food. Please enjoy!

Sushi usually consists of some sort of fish or seafood with rice. Some people add cucumber, avocado, beans or green onion. Most sushi contains raw fish, rice and seaweed. Some alternatives are cooked fish or vegetarian. My favorite varieties of sushi are tuna tataki, salmon nigiri, and negitoro cone. if you don’t know what a negitoro cone is, it is tuna with green onion in it. Japanese families eat sushi with chop sticks or with there hands. Sushi comes in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes people use soy sauce and/or wasabii to put on their sushi.

Chirashi zushi by Marshall Astor in Gardena, CA

Fun Facts!

  • When preparing sushi you can use white or brown rice.
  • Most sushi is served with pickled ginger, soy sauce, and wasabii.
  • Popular sushi garnishes are usually made with daikon
  • Sushi can also be made with meat including steak and chicken
  • Most sushi restaurants have booths and/or open tables

Thanks for reading please leave a comment telling me what your favorite food is I would love to see all your blogs so remember to put your URL bye! ~ Brooke 🙂


3 Halloween Themed Pranks You Should Try!

Hello readers! today I will be sharing 3 Halloween pranks if you like pranking I think you will like this post please comment telling me what you think or if you try them tell me how it went.

Abandoned House, Fall Scene.
Freaktography via Compfight

  1. Number 1. First, you take all your favorite candy wrappers, then take something gross like garlic or part of a mushroom and dip it in chocolate then let it dry.  Put the candy in the  wrapper packed, take a blow dryer and seal the package then give it to a friend and watch their there reaction!
  2. Number 2. This one is very simple, You take all your Halloween candy wrappers and switch them it with your brother/sister’s candy. wait until they notice then give it back before they get really mad!
  3. Number 3. This one is for the people who will not be trick or treating that are willing to stay outside. First, bury yourself in  leaves or something that makes scene not anything like blankets or pillows plus they would get dirty outside but you have to  bury yourself somewhere  the  trick-or-treaters will walk past.   Then you just have to jump out and scare them.

Thank you so much for reading! see you soon ~ Brooke 🙂

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Cats or Dogs?

Which do you purr-fur! Cats or Dogs? Let’s look and see…


1. They have very dangerous claws!
2. They don’t like people!
3. They shed everywhere!
4. There super needy!
5. They’re evil, very evil!
6. They wreck your furniture!

I think that’s enough evidence to say that
Cats suck! I’m sorry Cat lovers that I don’t like
cats, but its true that a lot of people don’t like cats
including me.

041 Bubi


1. There super cute.
2. They can be big or small.
3. They love to cuddle.
4. Some of them do and don’t shed.
5. They protect you no matter what.
6. They’re loving and sweet.

I LOVE my dog he is so cute and kind and I don’t know what I wold do without him. I love all dogs and my grandma has a rescue dog.
Dogs are the best and I hope you think so too.

Come on Kinczem
Have a great day and I hope too see you soon thank you so much for reading bye!

~ Brooke! 🙂

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