Hello readers!
If you have read the title of this post you should know that this post is about sushi! My all time favorite food. Please enjoy!

Sushi usually consists of some sort of fish or seafood with rice. Some people add cucumber, avocado, beans or green onion. Most sushi contains raw fish, rice and seaweed. Some alternatives are cooked fish or vegetarian. My favorite varieties of sushi are tuna tataki, salmon nigiri, and negitoro cone. if you don’t know what a negitoro cone is, it is tuna with green onion in it. Japanese families eat sushi with chop sticks or with there hands. Sushi comes in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes people use soy sauce and/or wasabii to put on their sushi.

Chirashi zushi by Marshall Astor in Gardena, CA

Fun Facts!

  • When preparing sushi you can use white or brown rice.
  • Most sushi is served with pickled ginger, soy sauce, and wasabii.
  • Popular sushi garnishes are usually made with daikon
  • Sushi can also be made with meat including steak and chicken
  • Most sushi restaurants have booths and/or open tables

Thanks for reading please leave a comment telling me what your favorite food is I would love to see all your blogs so remember to put your URL bye! ~ Brooke 🙂


27 thoughts on “Sushi!

  1. Awesome, Brooke! I love sushi too.

    I love how adventurous you are with trying different types of sushi like tataki and cones.

    My all time fave…sockeye nigiri. Yum!


  2. Hey Brooke,
    I loooooove sushi as well, it is one of my favourite foods! Wow, thats a lot of interesting facts you got there! I don’t like wasabi on mine, I think it’s to spicy! Do you like wasabi? I didn’t know that you could prepare sushi with brown or white rice, cool to know! I have sat in a booth at a sushi restaurant, have you? I really loved your post and I can’t wait to read more!
    Sincerely, Abbie

  3. G’day Brooke,
    Sushi is one of my all time favourites. I don’t know why but we used to have them at staff get togethers at my previous school. I enjoy those with tuna, chicken or even the vegetarian ones. When travelling on the Shinkhansen in Japan, I would buy a Bento box with sushi and other Japanese foods in it.

    • That’s cool sushi is my favorite food two if you couldn’t tell from my post I hope to go to japan some day but in 2018 I am going to south Korea to see the winter Olympics!

  4. Dear Brooke,
    I love your blog! I love all the description and especially how you described the different types of sushi. Is sushi popular from where you are from? I’m from Chula Vista, California and sushi is pretty common here. What are some other foods that are popular where you’re from? Also, it would be great if you checked out our class website!

  5. Hello Brooke, I liked reading your blog about sushi. I have only tried sushi, once and don’t like it that much, but your description made it sound good. What are the popular foods in your country? What is another of your favorite food? Visit our blog @

    • Thank you I try really hard to make my post good! Some other foods that are popular here are poutine, waffles and maple surup

  6. Hi! I like the picture of the sushi.It looks so good.When I went home I told my mom to order some sushi.Your sushi looked so much better then the ones my mom ordered.Sushi is my second favourite food.What is your favourite food? What kind of sushi you like the most?

  7. Hey! I love sushi too! To be honest I really don’t know a lot of sushi, I just know I like them. I really like to eat sushi with the pickles ginger, when i first saw ginger I thought it was some kinda of fish meat thing, then later I found out it was ginger. Do you like putting wasabii In your sushi? I do but not a lot because my nose just gets this horrible feeling and makes me just want to punch myself. I’m pretty sure you under stand, lol.

  8. Hello. I’m from the United States. In our class we are doing something similar and talking about food. I really liked reading about sushi because I’ve never had it before. You should come visit our website and talk more about you favorite types of food. Our class website is

    — balvesesquivel

  9. Hi Brooke,
    Sushi is one of my favorite foods as well! My favorite is the String Bean Tempura! It is basically a sushi with a deep fried string bean on the top. After writing this comment, I feel hungry!
    Here is my blog’s URL:
    Good job,

  10. Dear Brooke,

    My favorite food to eat is sushi too. The types of sushi that I like best are California Roll, nigiri tobiko, and nigiri unagi. I really enjoyed your post about sushi..


  11. Hi Brooke,
    Sushi is probably my favorite Japanese food. Did you know that sushi originated in China? It’s really weird.
    Have you ever gone to a kaiten conveyor belt sushi restaurant? It has sushi going around all of the tables on a conveyor belt and you can take the sushi off and eat it. You can order sushi too at the restaurant.
    How about ordering sushi on an iPad in the restaurant? There is another place here in Hawaii that you can order on a tablet and the sushi will be freshly made for you, put on some kind of transport, then sent to you. here is the image:*1200xx1500-845-0-109.jpg&imgrefurl=

    The sushi will take a little while, but it’s worth the wait!
    There are many ways to get sushi here, since there are a lot of Japanese tourists. Maybe you should visit Hawaii some time! The sushi place above is at Ala Moana.


  12. Brooke,
    I like how you described different types of sushi. I’m from California and sushi is really common here. Is sushi common where you’re from? If you want to learn about more different kind of food you should visit our class website

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